Are you ready to awaken your ancient being?

It's time toĀ remember who you've always been.

The Temples of Atlantis are living embodiments of the global civilization that Golden Atlantis once was. With history spanning millions of years, the Atlanteans built incredible pyramids, megaliths, and ancient temples on sacred ley lines throughout our realm. This includes the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, which all carry ancestry, rituals and knowledge from the once great master civilization.Ā 

Our Atlantean RetreatsĀ are an invitation to return to your most ancient and sacred self with classes and courses that help you prepare for the spiritual evolution your soul is guiding you through!

When you take the time to rediscover who you've always been, your path unfolds in the most magickal of ways, while your destiny draws you closer to your wildest dreams!

Each of our locations is chosen for it's enduring connection to Atlantis where each step upon the ancient lands serves as a soul awakening moment. These moments have the potential to transform your life and by doing so you awaken into deeper realizations, heal lifelong wounds and activate your being into its highest form!

Please note that our retreats are open to both women and men who are pursuing the spiritual path of enlightenment and remembrance!

Our 2024/25 line up is an incredible one, where will your ancient soulĀ call you?

Journey with us back to Golden Atlantis in these beautiful locations...


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