Atlantean Akashic Activation

Welcome to this multidimensional energetic session that accesses your Akashic Records both on Earth and throughout your Galactic History! Enjoy a 60 minute 1:1 Session with Queen Atanta!

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The Galctic Temples of Light Membership

Welcome to this incredible membership series that will activate your intuitive gifts and third eye to new cosmic realms while making profound connections to your Galactic Guides & Family of Light!

$555 USD Yearly OR $67 USD Monthly

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Cosmic Conscious Reiki Certifications

Welcome home ancient soul, your journey back to self begins right now...

 Embark on a powerful odyssey through the ethereal tapestry of Reiki, a profound and potent energy modality.  Bestowed upon Earth in the early 1900s by the Arcturian Grand Master, Sanat Kumara, and channeled gracefully through the conduit of Master Mikao Usui.

Level I-III: The Initiate's Path
Level IV-VI: The Practitioner's Journey

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