Awakening Lemuria: The Rising

Shirley, Vancouver Island

June 6-9, 2024


Ancient Soul, your journey home begins right now...

Join us for 4 days/3 nights on the wildly beautiful southwest coast of Vancouver Island, Canada!  Where the powerful Pacific Ocean, home to the ancient Lemurians, meets with a rugged and rocky coastline, hugged by a dense and life giving temperate rainforest! 

As your inner Lemurian continues to rise and awaken, reconnect to the ley lines upon the island that spark deep restoration, soul activations and an awakening of your divine gifts and abilities!

Our journey is likened to the Phoenix as we rise through the energies of Spring ready to soar into the beautiful frequencies of the Summer Solstice! Enjoy the full bloom of the island and it's powerful life force energy to aid us in activating our ancient beings.

Our intention for this retreat is to expand your knowingness of who you truly are, to amplify the love from your Lemurian starseed heart, and to bring greater waves of light and compassion to Mother Gaia and all her inhabitants through a sacred connection of the five elements!

With our new, expansive location, we invite individuals, couples, groups of friends, mothers & daughters, and fathers & sons to join us in remembering who you've always been!


Enjoy private accommodations at our two sister properties:

Our main property is a private villa & cottage space perched high above the salty waters of the pacific ocean’s providing a180 degree views of sky,  water, and mountains.

Built into the sides of the ocean banks this 4500 square foot villa & 750 square foot cottage, include slate courtyards & outside eating areas.

Gardens throughout the property lead through blast rock & slate patios with cedar decked vistas and vantage points everywhere. The property even has its own small amphi-theater that can seat up to 25 guests for any occasion or shows.

This west coast style home & cottage boasts commanding views to ocean and mountains from every room. Inside a large main dining and living area a hearth fireplace makes the ideal setting for gatherings.

A ‚Äúbackyard‚ÄĚ outside large hot tub and wood burning sauna complete with hot water shower add the touch of luxury to rural oceanside living.

Forest pathways give access to endless quiet beaches & private hideaways. This property is surrounded by nature and will be where we host our ceremonies, meditations, movement practices and enjoy our meals together. 

The sister property is a perfect place for people who want to experience and explore all the beauty of the Pacific Rim while enjoying privacy, space and relaxation. Take in spectacular views of the Salish Sea, majestic old growth trees, lush gardens and the private beach on 5 beautiful acres.

No matter which suite you chose you will be surrounded by beauty at every turn.

Accommodation prices vary based on single, double or triple occupancy. Ensure you are booking the type of room you want to enjoy the retreat in.

What’s Included?

  • 3 nights/4 days oceanside private accommodations

  • Daily homemade vegetarian and gluten free breakfasts & dinners¬†¬†
  • Forest bathing, gentle hikes, ocean walks, sauna, cold dips and hot soaks

  • Daily¬†movement¬†and meditation practices

  • Breathwork & Sound¬† Ceremonies with local healers

  • Transportation to/from¬†Victoria Airport

  • Transportation to all sacred sites


What's not included?

  • Flights to/from¬†Victoria, BC

  • Self care Saturday treatments

  • Spending money
  • Travel Insurance¬†


Thursday June 6th

Element of Earth

  • 4:00pm-Arrival & Check In
  • 6:00pm-Welcoming Dinner, Introductions and Opening Prayer, Sign Ups for Self Care Saturday Open
  • 7:30-9:00pm-Lemurian Earth Ceremony with Elitsa
  • 9:00pm-Saunas, Hot Tubs, and the beginning of Deep Rest & Restoration

Lemurian Earth Ceremony with Elitsa (7:30-9:00pm)

Step into the sacred circle of the Lemurian Earth Ceremony, where the ancient whispers of the land intertwine with the heartbeat of humanity and the New Earth rising.

At the heart of the ceremony lies the practice of the Human Mandala‚ÄĒa sacred dance of unity and harmony. Participants join hands and form a living mandala, their bodies interwoven like threads in a tapestry of light. As they move together in a graceful spiral, they honour the interconnectedness of all beings and the sacred geometry that underpins the fabric of existence.

Guided by the rhythm of their breath and the wisdom of their intuition, participants become vessels of divine expression, channeling the elemental energies of the earth. With each step, they infuse the land beneath their feet with love, gratitude, and reverence, awakening the dormant seeds of consciousness that lie within the soil.

As the mandala unfolds, participants offer prayers, blessings, and intentions to the earth, weaving a web of light that transcends time and space. They invoke the wisdom of the ancient Lemurian teachings, calling upon the spirits of the land and the guardians of the elements to guide and bless their ceremony.

In this sacred dance of remembrance, participants remember their inherent connection to the earth and the role they play in the unfolding story of creation. They embody the spirit of co-creation, knowing that each thought, word, and action has the power to shape the world around them.

As the ceremony draws to a close, participants release their human mandala, returning to the circle with hearts open and spirits uplifted. They offer thanks to the earth, the elements, and the unseen forces that have guided and supported them on their journey.

In this moment of communion, they affirm their commitment to walking the path of the Lemurian Earth teachings, honoring the sacredness of all life and the interconnected web of existence.


Friday June 7th

Element of Earth & Water

  • 8:00am-Morning Movement & Grounding through Yoga with Tom
  • 9:00am-Fresh & Locally Sourced Breakfast
  • 10:00am-Departure for Mystic Beach
  • 10:30am-Forest Bathing & Hike through the Rainforest, breathwork and stillness to connect to the Lemurian Guardians of the forest¬†
  • 11:30-2:30pm-Lemurian Water Ceremony with Priscilla
  • 6:00pm-Dinner on property
  • 7:30-9:30pm-Lemurian Fire Ceremony with Nichole
  • 9:30pm-End of night, integration, hot therapy, rest and restoration

Lemurian Water Ceremony with Priscilla (12:30-3:30pm)

In the sacred realm of Lemurian spirituality, water emerges as a cornerstone, revered for its profound energetic essence.

Ritual Cleansing stands as a sacred gateway, where individuals immerse themselves in the purifying embrace of natural waters‚ÄĒrivers, streams, or oceans‚ÄĒcleansing not just the body, but also the mind and spirit.

Energetic Activation becomes a potent practice, as Lemurians infuse water with positive intentions, healing vibrations, and divine energy through rituals and meditations, unlocking its spiritual potency.

In their journey of interconnectedness, Lemurians honour the unseen realm of Nature Spirits, communing with water beings for guidance and blessings, recognizing water as a conduit between realms.

Water Blessings culminate as acts of reverence and gratitude, as Lemurian shamans and priestesses imbue water with sacred intent, invoking its blessings for abundance, fertility, and protection.

Rooted in reverence and deep understanding, Lemurian spiritual practices honor the sanctity and transformative power of water, weaving its elemental essence into the tapestry of spiritual evolution and cosmic harmony.

Friday June 7th

Element of Fire

Lemurian Fire Ceremony with Nichole (7:30pm start)

Nichole will lead this powerful  Lemurian Fire Ceremony, where ancient wisdom is activated and remembered.

The labyrinth beckons‚ÄĒa winding path traced upon the earth, symbolizing the journey of the soul. With each step, we release that which no longer serves them and embrace the blessings of the present moment. Tune into¬†the drumming circle as the rhythmic heartbeat of the earth, uniting participants in a shared experience of connection and harmony.

Enter into a state of trance-like meditation, transcending the boundaries of time and space as we offer our prayers, intentions, and sacred offerings to the flames. With each offering, we invoke the elemental forces of fire, calling forth the transformative power of destruction and creation.

We close our ceremony in a circle of unity and gratitude, offering thanks to the spirits of the land, the ancestors, and the elements for their presence and blessings.

All will be touched by the magic of Lemuria‚ÄĒthe lost continent of ancient wisdom and divine love;¬†honouring the parts of our being that are of Mu.

Saturday June 8th

Element of Air

  • 8:00am-Morning Movement & Grounding through Qigong with Olga
  • 9:00am-Fresh & locally sourced breakfast
  • 10:30am-3:30pm-Self Care Saturday...Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, Lomi Lomi Massage, Reiki, & Mama Gaia Facials. Free time to rest, socialize and use the sauna and hot tubs.
  • 4:30-6:30-Lemurian Air Ceremony with Jess & Brett
  • 6:30-Dinner
  • 8:00pm-Mala Making with Nadine from Soul of a Gypsy
  • 9:30pm-Retreat into your room for rest and integration or enjoy the hot tubs and sauna

Lemurian Air Ceremony of Breathwork with Jess & Brett

Enter the ethereal realm of the Lemurian Air Ceremony, where the dance of breath becomes a sacred invocation of liberation and transformation.

As participants converge in a space of sacredness, intention, and unity, the gentle whisper of the wind serves as a silent guide, leading them on an inner journey of healing and awakening. Here, amidst the sanctuary of the circle, the breath emerges as the sacred thread connecting body, mind, and spirit‚ÄĒa potent catalyst for profound inner alchemy.

In the luminous embrace of the ceremony, participants are invited to explore the boundless depths of their being through the transformative power of breathwork. The breath, revered as the essence of life itself, becomes the liberator‚ÄĒa gentle yet potent force that awakens dormant energies and dissolves the veils of illusion. With each inhale, they draw in the vital essence of the cosmos, infusing every cell of their being with the radiant light of creation. With each exhale, they release stagnant energies and blockages, allowing them to rise to the surface to be felt, acknowledged, and lovingly released.

Guided by the wisdom of their breath, participants journey inward, traversing the landscapes of their inner realms with courage and curiosity. In the sacred container of the ceremony, they are held in safety and reverence, supported by the collective energy of the circle as they delve deep into the recesses of their psyche. Here, in this space of vulnerability and authenticity, they are invited to surrender to the wisdom of their bodies, trusting in the innate intelligence that guides their breath.

As the ceremony draws to a close, participants emerge from their inner journey with hearts open and spirits uplifted, their beings bathed in the luminous glow of inner peace and wholeness, honouring the sacredness of the breath as a gateway to liberation and transformation.

Sunday June 9th

Element of Ether

  • 8:30am-Fresh & locally sourced breakfast
  • 10:30am-Check Out¬†
  • 11:00am-2:00pm Closing ceremony with Nichole & Priscilla at the Sooke Pot Holes
  • 2:00pm-Transportation to the Victoria Airport

Lemurian Ether Closing Ceremony with Nichole & Priscilla

We conclude a weekend of devotion to our mind, body and soul's self care by reaffirming our connection to Gaia and her ancient Lemurian child. 

With a visit to the Sooke Pot Holes, we allow ourselves to begin to integrate the shifts we have created that will ripple out into our lives and all who love us. 

We revisit our intentions set on day 1 and enjoy our final embrace as a group, thanking one another for showing up, holding space, listening and loving unconditionally. 

A time for journalling, inner reflection and a deep breath out, as you've just taken a massive step, along with your Lemurian ancestry, towards a bright and beautiful New Earth!


Day Rate Only: $725/person

Experience all the incredible offerings our retreat has to share BUT get to sleep in your own comfy bed each night of our event!


  • All meals
  • All ceremonies
  • All movement and meditation practices
  • Access to Self-Care Saturday treatments
  • All other activities


Register & Pay Here

Salish Sea Room-

Ocean Wilderness Inn

Deluxe King Suite with Ocean View

  • Spectacular views of the sea and gardens from this second floor suite
  • Super comfy plush pillow top king bed with luxury hotel linens
  • Super-size in-room soaker tub for two under a wall of windows for stargazing¬†
  • Refrigerator, coffee, tea in room
  • Private entrance steps from cliff side hot tub overlooking the ocean and private beach

$2100 single occupancy

$1550 each double occupancy


Reserve & Pay Here

Sea Glass Room-SOLD OUT

Ocean Wilderness Inn

King Suite with Ocean View

  • Ocean, garden and mountain-view room on the main floor
  • Luxurious plush pillow top mattress, with luxury hotel linens
  • Large en-suite bathroom with shower over large tub
  • Private entrance through ocean-view patio
  • Refrigerator, coffee and tea in room
  • Just steps from cliff side hot tub overlooking the sea and stars


    $2100 single occupancy

Enchanted Forest Room

Ocean Wilderness Inn

Deluxe King Room

  • Top floor suite and the largest room in the inn
  • Plush carpeted floors and hosts a king size bed and a queen bed
  • ¬†All beds have super plush pillow top mattresses and luxury linens
  • Huge en-suite bathroom, with dual sinks and super-sized soaker tub
  • Spectacular views of lush gardens and old growth trees from private balcony
  • $1550 each double occupancy

Reserve & Pay Here

Rainforest Suite SOLD OUT

Ocean Wilderness Inn

Queen Suite

  • Private entrance from the patio off the rainforest where¬†wildlife¬†can frequently be seen right out your window as you look into the garden and the rain forest
  • Majestic old growth cedars stand watch over your suite, making this a very serene and cozy retreat
  • This main floor room has two queen beds
  • Large¬†private en-suite bathroom
  • Refrigerator, coffee, and tea in room
  • Luxury robes
  • Cliff side, outdoor hot tub with view of ocean and Eagles Nest

$1550 each double occupancy


Magic Woods Suite

Ocean Wilderness Inn

Double Suite

  • Serene, lush forest view room with two plush pillow top double beds with luxury linens
  • Large en-suite bathroom with shower over tub
  • Private entrance through patio nestled in the gardens
  • Lovely seating area for reading or dining
  • Refrigerator, coffee and tea¬†in room
  • Robes provided for your trip to the cliff side, ocean view hot tub
  • Spectacular views of lush gardens and old growth trees from private balcony¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • $1550 each double occupancy
Reserve & Pay Here


Craidelona Oceanedge Lodging

Perched on top of the lodge’s rooftop, this upper bedroom has its own private entrance.

The smallest of bedrooms on the property makes up for its size with coziness and amazing views.

First to hear the eagles in the morning, guests in the Nest have the best vantage point to view a passing pod of whales. Offering its guests a ‚Äúbird‚Äôs-eye‚ÄĚ vantage point for the day and starlit night skies. On full moon nights its guests are spot lit by nature.

  • Queen Bed
  • Jet/Soaker Tub for Two
  • Draped Bathroom with Sink and Toilet
  • Surrounded by Wrap-Around Deck is ideal for summer sun worshipers
  • Three Walls of Large Windows creating a ‚Äúglass nest-like feeling‚ÄĚ above the lodge
  • ‚ÄúBird‚Äôs-Eye‚ÄĚ Spectacular View

$1800 single occupancy

$1350 each double occupancy


SunRISE Room

Craidelona Oceanedge Lodging

First to see the spark of mornings’ daylight, this ocean view bedroom accommodation has floor to ceiling windows, with its own private entrance and a beach stone fireplace. The sunrise room’s large mosaic bathroom adjoins to the Rookery bedroom.

  • King size bed
  • Wood burning handcrafted beach-stone fireplace or candle corner
  • Private outside entrance to covered veranda
  • Jetted soaker tub for two surrounded by an artistic wave mosaic
  • Unique over-sized concrete double head shower
  • 2 wash sinks
  • Amazing views of ocean and mountains
  • Wonderful sunrises
  • In-floor heating


    $1550 each double occupancy


Reserve & Pay Here

Rookery Room SOLD OUT

Craidelona Oceanedge Lodging

Double Queen Bedroom

Located central of the lower lodge bedrooms, the Rookery is so named after the spaces where nature creates and keeps her young. Certainly not only for this usage, this large bedroom has two comfortable queen pillow top beds.

Sharing the mosaic bathroom with the SunRISE bedroom, the guests of the Rookery enjoy the large jet tub & super-sized shower with double heads. 

A bright bedroom with high ceilings and floor to ceiling front windows with a large central sky light. Concrete floors with in floor heating keep this a cozy space year round.

Separate access to the outside covered veranda keeps this room independent, with wonderful views to the ocean and far off Olympic mountain range.

  • 2 Queen sized beds
  • Outside entrance & covered veranda
  • Jet/Soaker Tub for 2
  • Large double-headed shower
  • 2 washing sinks
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Amazing views of ocean and mountains
  • Large central skylight


    $1495 each double occupancy


Private Cottage SOLD OUT

Craidelona Oceanedge Lodging

A 750 square foot cabin sits on the very edge of Vancouver Island. Separated with private entrances from the main villa and situated distinctly ocean edge.

  • For 2-3¬†guests
  • Queen Bed in loft bedroom (shared bed)
  • Double Futon in lower main space
  • Private outside 2 person Hot tub
  • Beach Rock Wood Burning Fireplace
  • Upper Balcony off of bedroom
  • Claw foot Tub with shower
  • Cozy seating living area with futon couch
  • Kitchen with oven/stove/fridge
  • Outdoor BBQ station and eating area
  • Bluetooth music system

$1540 each double occupancy



Craidelona Oceanedge Lodging

This tiny cabin set amidst the forests’ lushness is hidden from sight of the lodge and the rest of the property.

This woodside cottage has cold water only and an outside toilet.

Hut guests are welcomed & encouraged to use the outside hot water shower station and hot tub of the main luxury station.

  • Queen size bed in cozy loft accessed by ladder style staircase
  • Queen futon in front living room with views of forest and river¬†
  • Small limited kitchen with sink, coffee station, and small fridge
  • Remote private rustic location and setting
  • Private flush toilet & sink outside at end of veranda
  • No WIFI at hut but access on property to WIFI connect is possible
  • $1100 each double occupancy


Get ready to dive into a journey of self-discovery, restoration, remembrance, rejuvenation and profound transformation. 

Your Facilitators:

Nichole Broadbent @newearthawakening

Nichole Broadbent is here to walk with you and anchor the light as you remember who you are, and your power and gifts within.

Through her loving and compassionate nature and the ancient wisdoms of Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire¬ģ Reiki combined with intuitive mediumship, psychology, past life quantum healing, and Mahatma energy; Nichole created her own unique powerful energy healing system.

She is here to aid humanity as we rise through her healing sessions and activations, Reiki classes and Spiritual Development courses for children, teens and adults is her passion.

With over 12 years of experience and diving deep into the healing arts, combined with a lifetime of turning her personal experiences and traumas into strengths and medicines, Nichole is here to help you fall in love with you. 

We are all meant to shine in this world. Her mission is to aid all, in finding their own unique light, power and divine union within, "It is time RISE as the sacred beings that we are"


Priscilla Campos @theatlanteanpriestess 



Priscilla is an ancient soul with strong ties to Atlantis, Egypt & Greece where she has served as a High Priestess of Healing, Truth, and Oracular Vision time and time again.

Her love of ancient civilizations; their wisdoms and magicks, has opened the gateway to understand the bridge between them and the great Star Nations of our Universe. Together these frequencies marry within her through her signature Atlantean Akashic Activations and the creation of Cosmic Conscious Reiki.

One of Priscilla's biggest missions and goals, is to heal the trauma from the great fall of Atlantis and once again bring forth the immense love, wisdom and golden light of this beloved era and civilization.


An Atlantean saying that helps us remember: everything sacred is blessed, everything blessed is sacred.

May we all walk the path we were born to fearlessly and without limitations.


Michelle Serena @lemuria.rising

Michelle Serena provides Elemental Reiki with Intuitive Guidance. Deeply connected with Mother Earth, Michelle brings through a variety of aspects to her healing sessions. These can range from messages from Archangels, direction from a Leprechaun guide, to witnessing the client riding on the wings of an Alicorn.

Each session is unique and tailored to what is most beneficial in the present moment. Michelle began her journey in the world of Energy Healing in 2017, and continues to take courses to expand her understanding of the world of Spirit. She has studied under both Nichole Broadbent of New Earth Awakening and Priscilla Campos of Temples of Atlantis. 


Elitsa Hristova

Elitsa is a well-being practitioner and guide who is passionate about helping people re-connect with our
true essence for a healthy, joyful and fulfilling life. Her vision is to foster a healthier human experience for
a better humanity.

Elitsa creates a safe space and guidance for her clients to journey towards physical, mental, and emotional balance. She works with her clients to uncover the conditioning that bounds one to past patterns, shift perspectives to awaken the true expression of self and create one’s authentic way of living.

Her approach is open and intuitive utilizing a wide variety of healing modalities. She is an Alchemy of Breath certified breathwork facilitator, Usui Reiki Master practitioner, Transformational coach, certified yoga teacher, and Compassionate Inquiry somatic-based trauma-informed approach to psychotherapy graduate.

Self-Care Offerings: Usui Reiki Session
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that aids in clearing the body’s energy system. The session is tailored for each client’s individual needs and intuitively coupled with other modalities in my toolkit of
Compassionate Inquiry, guided meditation, and transformational coaching. It is a powerful practice towards emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing. The sessions lead to a deeper connection with one’s true self, inner peace, and empowerment.

One-on-One Breathwork Session
Breathwork can be transformative physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We will start the session with inquiry into what is present and alive for you, use gentle breath and meditation to connect with your body and inner wisdom and gradually transition to conscious connected breathing technique and allow the breath to guide you and open you to receive. The breathwork sessions help regulate the nervous system, detoxify and oxygenate the body, release any stuck and unprocessed energy for
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, tap into the subconscious, and connect deeper with our intuition and true essence in order to expand our way of perceiving and responding to life. 


Olga Gor

Olga is an oriental and energetic medicine practitioner. She is a true believer in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. She supports a natural way of healing by offering Reiki and Medical Qi Gong treatments, mindful movement, breath and meditation group classes, intuitive counselling, a restorative style Thai and Lomi Lomi massage. 
Morning Qi Gong:
Embark on a journey to discover the ancient art of cultivating life energy for health and vitality. Qi Gong, rooted in Chinese medicine and philosophy, offers a holistic approach to wellness, blending gentle movements, breath awareness, and mindfulness.
Self Care Offering:
Hawaiian style Lomi Lomi massage combines long sweeping rhythmic strokes using loving hands, oil and breathing techniques to sooth your body. It's a sensual experience promoting many health benefits. Connect with your senses, get emerged in the dance of hands, pressure and sensation, relax your mind while your body heals in Hawaiian wisdom and Mana.

Our Sacred Hearts with Jessica & Brett @oursacredhearts 

Breathwork Ceremony

We are honoured to have been invited once again to this divine women’s retreat! Brett and I host regular Sacred Ceremonies that include:

  • Raw Ceremonial Cacao

  • Acupuncture (optional)

  • 1hr of Conscious Connected Breathwork

  • Local Flower Essences

  • Craniosacral

  • Reiki

  • Sound Healing¬†

  • Oracle cards

  • & more!¬†

The breath is our life force, the liberator. The breath brings us freedom, when one is willing to truly feel and deeply breathe. It moves stagnant energies and blockages to the surface to be felt, acknowledged and breathed through. 

When we gather in Sacredness, with intention, we open up space for healing and transformation. You will be held in safety to explore the body, mind and spirit through your breath.

Other benefits of breathwork include:

  • Rewiring & regulating the nervous system

  • Restoring the natural balance of the body, mind and soul

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression

  • Oxygenates the blood and released toxins¬†

  • Promotes clarity, relaxation and increases joy and vitality

  • Improves and maintains a healthy immune system

About Jessica @jessicabennett_soulguide

Jessica grew up in Northern BC, amongst the mountains and rivers. Her childhood was one of adventure and exploration in Mother Nature. This immersion with the elements cultivated a deep reverence and respect for the Earth and all beings. 

In 2011, Jessica followed a nudge within her being, sold all her belongings and headed to Vancouver Island. Once Jessica landed here, the magic of Vancouver Island captivated her heart and soul. She has called the west coast of Vancouver Island home for the last  13 years. 

The island has transformed Jessica, and during her time here so far, she has become a mother, Intuitive Soul Guide, Healer, Teacher and Ceremony Keeper. 

Her passion and purpose is being in service to all of humanity. Supporting others in removing barriers, conditions and beliefs that stop one from living in their truth and power. Assisting them in returning home within the body and thriving in life.

Brett Beckett @islandgypsywellness

Hello beautiful souls, I am a registered acupuncturist in British Columbia and an intuitive healing practitioner. My healing practice is inspired by the profound capabilities we all hold within us. As we are designed to repair, heal and evolve through the innate wisdom of nature. The sessions I offer are inspired by the dance of energy movement in and around us at all times. Dis-ease is only present when energy is not in free flow.

Choose from one of the following options for your retreat care experience to open and support your individual energy flow:

  • Fire cupping
  • Acupuncture
  • Craniosacral therapy

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey!

About Fire Cupping: 

Fire Cupping is a therapy that uses a flame to heat the inside of a glass cup which is then applied to the skin to create negative pressure on the skin (a lifting action). The suction created by these cups stimulates and increases blood flow to the local muscles, nerves, tissue and fascia, which can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, increase the function of the lymphatic, nervous and circulatory systems and increase overall relaxation and well-being. 

Most commonly used on specific points, either side of the spine. These points can awaken the nerves that branch off into each organ system. This stimulation to the nerves supports the entire body to heal on a deep level. 

About Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice used in traditional Chinese medicine, where thin needles are inserted into specific points along an energy channel in order to stimulate the body's own innate healing capacity. Acupuncture shines in pain relief, while treating both the physical and emotional body from disharmonies with-in.

About Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet profound practice in which the practitioner uses gentle touch to shift the body into harmony. By following the Cranio rhythm and listening to the body, the practitioner assists as it resets the central nervous system and returns it to its own innate flow. This incredibly gentle type of manual therapy can create dramatic improvements in your life. Its light touch releases restrictions deep in the body to relieve disharmony and pain, physically, emotionally and energetically.


Tom is a therapeutic, trauma informed yoga teacher (RYT-500). He has completed the 800-hour Yoga therapy program. He offers a safe and nourishing environment where he can provide yoga therapy tools and knowledge to help improve physical, mental, and spiritual health.

By using guided practices, a focus on posture, breathing techniques and meditation his goal is to assist clients in cultivating connections to their bodies, minds and with others. ‚ÄúMy teaching philosophy is to build strength and flexibility with simple movements and yoga postures, with a focus on mindfulness, compassion and a connection to breath. I want to empower clients with knowledge and practices that will help them to feel better and move through their daily lives easier.‚ÄĚ

Sarah Norrad ~ CPC, ACC, MBSR, RYT

Coaching in Nature at West Coast Esthetics & Healing Studio

Sarah Norrad is a certified professional coach, credentialed through the International Coaching Federation, holding certificates in mindfulness-based stress reduction, bodytalk,
trauma-informed care, is a reiki master teacher as well as is a registered yoga teacher and lay counsellor.

Her spiritual journey began in adolescents, studying earth-based spirituality. In her teens she found meditation and yoga and has been weaving all three together as a daily practice since.

She has been given both a Buddhist and Yogic name by
her teachers and is passionate about bringing the powerful tools of ancient wisdom to her client sessions, as needed.
Her coaching gets to the heart of the matter and supports your transformation, healing and growth quickly. Sarah works in partnership with your dreams and goals, to help you breakthrough limiting beliefs, find clarity, increase your happiness and arrive at a grounded and confident state where you can maximize your potential. She has been
coaching clients for over ten years and has worked with folks all around the world.

Self-Care Offering: Therapeutic Trauma-informed Coaching

Using somatic, trauma-informed practices, positive psychology, breathwork, mindfulness meditations, Polyvagal and Internal Family Systems Theory, your coaching session with Sarah will ground you in the present moment, help release fears, support you to come back to yourself and guide you on your best direction forward.

Each session is tailored to the unique needs and goals of what you wish to work through that day. Our time together is always rooted in compassionate inquiry, building a foundation of regulation and safety in the body and mind. Therapeutic coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that allows you to discover yourself deeply while at the same time soothing your nervous system for empowering breakthroughs. As you do so, you can heal old patterns in the present and gain the confidence to reach for what you truly desire now and in the future.

Kind words from previous attendees...

Thank you so much for holding this lovely retreat in such a beautiful location. It was quite literally a breath of fresh air and provided a lot of clarity in my life moving forward.

You have such a beautiful gift and I am glad to have been able to share this experience with you as I continue to dive deeper into myself and enhance my own awakening.

~Kristy A. Alberta, Canada


You have yet again provided such an unreal experience for this group. It's truly inspiring what you have and will continue to create. This trip was once in a lifetime and I never thought that I'd be lucky enough to do something like it. 

You've given me many great tools and insight for my path going forward. I will continue to go forth and spread truth and light even in the toughest of environments because I AM a warrior!

With love, 

~Karley A. Alberta, Canada

Thank you Queen Atlanta, for this incredible activating retreat! I am forever changed! I loved all the deep connections we received, as the initiation was more powerful than I can express!

~Meaghan A. British Columbia, Canada


With overflowing gratitude for your guidance for truth and teachings! I am forever changed! Thank you for this life changing experience of knowledge! I am fortunate to be invited and embraced by you!

 Many blessings and love, 

~Tamatha S. Alberta, Canada

Thank you for providing a space to be my full, authentic self. You have helped me to remember who I truly am. It is so nice to be together once again in this lifetime, I am endlessly grateful.

~Stephanie Y. Ontario, Canada

Get ready to dive into a journey of self-discovery, restoration, remembrance, rejuvenation and profound transformation.