Green Tara

& The Archangels of Atlantis 

Are you ready to activate your ancient prosperity codes?


Start the Galactic New Year off right and prepare yourself for the powerful Lions Gate portal to amplify your wealth and freedom!

Welcome to this transformative journey that transcends the ordinary realm of prosperity and abundance as it is known in the material 3D world. 

In this metaphysical exploration, we will delve into the mystical aspects of consciousness and energy, unlocking the secrets to manifesting wealth in alignment with the ancient practices of Green Tara and the powerful Angels of Atlantis.


Throughout this course, we will embark on a spiritual awakening of the true interconnectedness of mind, spirit, and the reality you are creating through:

  • Learning to work with Green Tara and 7 of her most powerful emanations
  • Becoming open channels of communication with 7 of the incredible Angels of Atlantis who are eager to assist you on your path to abundance
  • Aligning your chakras for absolute abundance and understanding how these energy centres within you can harmonize your life, leading to prosperity and spiritual growth
  • Harnessing the power of gratitude and the 369 Method as a Cosmic Gateway that opens doors to miracles and blessings beyond imagination
  • Tapping into universal energies and consciousness with the Sirian Star Nation that help to govern the flow of abundance, freedom, prosperity, and opportunity
  • Learning to surrender your fears while embracing patience and trust as you manifest your dreams and desires in perfect harmony with the universe
  • Activating the prosperity codes within your ancient being and integrating other life times of wealth and joy into your current incarnation


Who is Green Tara?

Mother of all Buddhas


Green Tara is a prominent figure in Tibetan Buddhism, and one of our most ancient goddesses here on Earth.  

Hailing from the Sirius Star Nation, she is renowned throughout the cosmos as "She of a Thousand Stars."

 Representing enlightened activity and compassion, Green Tara is often depicted as a compassionate and protective deity who helps individuals overcome obstacles and fears. 

Known for her swiftness, working with Green Tara and her different emanations can help magnetize true financial abundance through joy, happiness, peace, protection and surrender.

Green Tara serves as a universal tree, transcending religions as she is known in nearly every culture across our world. From Mother Mary and Kuan Yin to Ishtar of Babylon, Star Woman of the Cheyenne Indians, and the Mother Goddess of the Celts, Green Tara is the nurturing mother and goddess we all need in our lives.

In this course, we will work strongly with Green Tara and three of her emanations as Red, Orange and Yellow Tara.



Working with the powerful mantra: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA, alleviates suffering while allowing you to recode your subconscious with codes of prosperity.


Green Tara reminds us it is safe to create our Heaven on Earth, and that time is now!


The meaning of OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA (from Kaia Ra's Sophia Code):

  • OM-Toning OM invokes Green Tara's presence as a guide through your suffering and as a mentor for your happiness.
  • TARE-The seed syllable TARE declares that you are laying down your attachments to suffering in exchange for non-circumstantial happiness and reconciliation with your divinity.
  • TUTTARE-is a seeded sound wave of self-love that liberates your awareness from the eight great fears by taking refuge in your own divinity.
  • TURE-declares your oneness with all beings as the root of your happiness that is sovereign from all attachments to suffering.
  • SOHA-commands the blueprint of this mantra to activate your DNA and consecrate your Sacred Heart to live in happiness, for the liberation of all beings.



Throughout this metaphysical journey, I encourage you to approach each lesson with an open heart, a curious mind, and a willingness to transcend the boundaries of the physical world. 

Together, we will embrace the mystical side of abundance, and be  witness the profound transformation that awaits you.

As we traverse the ethereal realms of consciousness and abundance, remember that you are an infinite being, deserving of all the wonders the universe has to offer. 

So, step into the mystical flow, and let's unlock the secrets of manifesting abundance together!


Ignite your Prosperity Codes