Cosmic Conscious Reiki Certification IV-VI

Welcome back ancient soul, your journey back to self, ignites right now...

Welcome to the Practitioner's Journey where we progress beyond initiation! Here, individuals deepen their understanding and hone practical skills, becoming active practitioners of the healing arts. Our focus becomes the application of techniques, refining abilities, and gaining deeper experience to create lasting knowledge. 

We continue to build upon the foundation of Usui Reiki and the healing wisdoms of the Arcturians, Pleiadians and Sirians by exploring in depth Karuna Reiki© and Atlantean Reiki with the knowledge of the Seven Sisters, Centaurians and Orions!

Within Temples of Atlantis Mystery School, we will continue to weave in the teachings of the Galactics to bring greater connection to our higher selves and our potential to spread light among the planet. 

The practitioner's journey is your next step in knowing thyself in all your beautiful multidimensionality. 


Every class and course taught at the Temples of Atlantis Mystery School is designed to help you remember who you've always been.

  • We help AWAKEN the connection between you and your higher self allowing you to remember your innate gifts
  • We then help you HEAL from the inside out, releasing old, stored traumas and fears, wounds, imbalances and dis-ease both from this lifetime and previous ones
  • Through attunements and practical application we then ACTIVATE your being to shine your light unapologetically and brightly to bring greater peace, unity and enlightenment into our world

Each level along the way towards certification includes meditative activations, grounding & protection techniques, theory and history as well as practical application of Reiki techniques for yourself and those you serve.  

All students receive a manual and corresponding attunement for each level in addition to support both in between classes and along your Reiki path indefinitely.

Each year the Temples of Atlantis accepts a limited amount of students to be a part of the Cosmic Conscious Reiki Certification.   

2024/25 Weekend Intensive  Training Dates

Practitioner's Journey*:

  • Opening Ceremony-June 15¬†
  • ¬†Level IV-July 13/14
  • Level V-October 5/6
  • Level VI-February 1/2
  • Closing Ceremony & Graduation¬†June 21/22

Additional Training & Meet Ups*:

August 24, September 14 or 21, November 23, December 21, January 25, March-May TBA

*Dates subject to change


Radiant Healing Alchemy

Level IV dives more deeply into Pleiadian & Atlantean frequencies with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

Atlantean History:

  • Who are the Seven Sisters and what's their connection to Atlantis?

Seven Sisters Teachings:

  • Earth Goddess Maia:¬†Root Chakra Activation & 5¬†Elemental Healing
  • Star Teacher¬†Merope, the Golden One: Sacral Chakra Activation & Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes
  • Warrior Goddess Taygeta: Solar Plexus Activation¬†& Past Life Power Restoration
  • High Priestess of Transformative Healing¬†Elektra: Heart Chakra Activation, Electric Blue Ray Clearing
  • High Priestess of Prophecy Celaeno: Throat Chakra Activation,¬†Healing through Sound & the¬†Lemurian Light Master Symbol
  • Cosmic¬†High Priestess Alcyone:¬†Third Eye Activation, Intuitive Alchemy
  • High Priestess-Queen Asterope: Crown Chakra Activation,¬†Atlantean Reiki Master Symbol


  • Level IV attunement ceremony to Atlantean Reiki
  • Additional classes in Dragon Empowerment & Dolphin Wisdom


Celestial Emissaries of Light

Level V brings us to the Centaurian constellation, home to both Alpha and Beta Centuari.  Closely tied to Atlantis and Egypt, these Master Healer frequencies will guide you to deeper exploration of your gifts and skills, while opening up your heart and higher chakras in profound ways. 

Alpha Centauri Teachings:

  • 7 Layer Golden Healing
  • 12 Chakra System Introduction
  • Healing the Lower Chakras and Harmonizing them with the Upper Ones
  • Spotlight on Master Healer Chiron: Transcending Your Wounds & Traumas
  • Spotlight on Ra: Claiming Your Golden Life

Beta Centauri Teachings:

  • Karuna¬ģ Reiki Level I¬†Symbols
  • Past Life, Cellular & Karmic Issues Healing
  • Healing the Shadow Self
  • Healing Relationships and Addictions through the Heart
  • Manifesting in the Material World with Archangel Michael
  • Spotlight on the Archangels of Atlantis with Michael, Raphael & Metatron


  • Level V Attunement ceremony
  • Understanding Chiron in your birthchart



The Artistry of Soulful Healing

We conclude the Practitioner's Journey by learning from the Great Eight of the Orion Constellation, masters in healing and making peace with our duality within.

Galactic Atlantean History:

  • The Orion Wars
  • The Treaty between Atlantis & Orion
  • Spotlight on Osiris: Cycles of Rebirth and Gifts of Rejuvenation

Rigel & Bellatrix Teachings:

  • The Art of War within, how to balance the masculine and feminine sides of yourself for aligned action
  • Claiming your Power and Healing Co-Dependence
  • Karuna Reiki¬ģ II Symbols

Mintaka Teachings:

  • The blessings of Water
  • Healing the human race one drop at a time

Al Nilam & Meissa:

  • Creating lasting Peace and Trust in Life
  • Manifesting your best life
  • Third Eye & Heart Expansion

Betelgeuse & Al Nitak:

  • Accelerating your Spiritual Journey
  • Karuna Reiki¬ģ II Master Symbols
  • Knowledge of Self

Saiph Teachings:

  • Chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki¬ģ
  • Spotlight on Quan Yin: Compassion at it's Core


  • Level VI Attunement ceremony
  • Working with the Pure White Dragons from Orion¬†
  • Working with Quan Yin's Pink Dragons
  • Quan Yin's Key Code from the Sophia Code

Your Instructor:

Priscilla Campos @theatlanteanpriestess 


Priscilla is an ancient soul with strong ties to Atlantis, Egypt & Greece where she has served as a High Priestess of Healing, Truth, and Oracular Vision time and time again.

Her love of ancient civilizations; their wisdoms and magicks, has opened the gateway to understand the bridge between them and the great Star Nations of our Universe. Together these frequencies marry within her through her signature Atlantean Akashic Activations and the creation of Cosmic Conscious Reiki.

One of Priscilla's biggest missions and goals, is to heal the trauma from the great fall of Atlantis and once again bring forth the immense love, wisdom and golden light of this beloved era and civilization.


An Atlantean saying that helps us remember: everything sacred is blessed, everything blessed is sacred.

May we all walk the path we were born to fearlessly and without limitations.

Course bonuses include:

  • 1 Year Membership within the Galactic Temples of Light¬†so you can¬†align to the frequencies of the Star Nations we learn about valued at $888 usd
  • Monthly online meet ups to connect, share, practice and further your knowledge
  • One 30 minute Galactic Starseed Reading valued at $188 usd
  • One 60 minute Atlantean Akashic Activation valued at $333 usd
  • *Pay in Full Bonus*¬†¬†60 minute Golden Atlantean Healing valued at $444 usd

Regular Pricing

Register after May 31st:

$3444 pay in full with special 1:1 Bonus

or 12 monthly payments of $315

Scholarship Pricing

For those in financial need, apply for a scholarship to offset the full price of the course:

$2333 for the year with 12 monthly payments of $195

Email [email protected]¬†to apply