It's time to remember who you've always been ...

I am beyond thrilled to bring forward this retreat which is oh so close to my heart! 

I have been blessed to visit Greece three times thus far, and it is my favourite country in the world!  From the ancient history, to the food, culture and people, there is no place quite like Greece and it is my HONOUR to show you just how special it is! 

I've also been to Turkey twice and have been dreaming of returning to explore in greater depth since 2017! Troy anyone??

My intention is to connect you to the ancient Atlantean within you! Chances are, that with an over 3.5 million year history, you've had some incredible incarnations upon this expansive worldwide civilization. Many of the temple sites we visit will trigger a deep remembrance within you, and I will be there to guide you back to that part of you who has been waiting to emerge!

As a teacher, devotee and High Priestess of Atlantis, it is my privilege to walk this path with you and I thank all who are drawn to embarking on this private Atlantean Awakening retreat through ancient Greece & Turkey with me! Get ready for a spiritual initiation and pilgrimage like no other!

Awaken Your Inner Atlantean with me:

  • Spend an incredible week exploring the ancient wonders of Greece September 22-29, or continue on for a second week as we adventure through the Temples of Turkey until October 5!
  • Receive 1:1 Golden Atlantean HEALINGS & ACTIVATIONS over powerful ley lines and ancient sites!
  • Enjoy 4-5 star hotel stays, a luxury air-conditioned private coach, Travel Director and professional Driver
  • Experience local culture and entertainment with signature Trafalgar Be Our Guest meals
  • Integrate your journey with special beach days and thermal spas for restoration and rejuvenation
  • Be well prepared for all the magick of these ancient lands with a live 8 week online Ancient Civilizations course that includes incredible content and transformational experiences
  • Plus special surprises along the way!
Explore the Greece Only Itinerary Here
Explore the full Greece & Turkey Itinerary Here

Choose Your Experience:

Atlantean Awakening Greece-September 22-29, 2024

  • $4222 cad early bird (twin occupancy)
  • $4555 cad regular price (twin)
  • $850 cad single supplement 

Atlantean Awakening Greece with Temples of Turkey add on-September 22-October 5, 2024

  • $7777 cad early bird (twin occupancy)
  • $8333 cad regular price (twin)
  • $1370 cad single supplement 

Early Bird Discount

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Your Guide...

Priscilla Campos @theatlanteanpriestess 



Priscilla is an ancient soul with strong ties to Atlantis, Egypt & Greece where she has served as a High Priestess of Healing, Truth, and Oracular Vision time and time again.

Her love of ancient civilizations; their wisdoms and magicks, has opened the gateway to understand the bridge between them and the great Star Nations of our Universe. Together these frequencies marry within her through her signature Atlantean Akashic Activations and the creation of Cosmic Conscious Reiki.

One of Priscilla's biggest missions and goals, is to heal the trauma from the great fall of Atlantis and once again bring forth the immense love, wisdom and golden light of this beloved era and civilization.


An Atlantean saying that helps us remember: everything sacred is blessed, everything blessed is sacred.

May we all walk the path we were born to fearlessly and without limitations.

Kind words from previous retreat attendees...

Working with Priscilla has been a transformative journey into the depths of spiritual wisdom and ancient energies. Her profound understanding of spiritual concepts including the galactic realms and ancient lands of Khem and Atlantis, has been instrumental in guiding me towards profound self-discovery and growth. In fact, I remember while in Egypt I wrote in my journal, “Priscilla is the true embodiment of what she teaches.”

With her compassionate, humble guidance and intuitive insights, I've unlocked hidden potentials within myself, heightened my intuition, expanded my channeling abilities, and gained clarity on my life's path. Her teachings are not just enlightening but also deeply empowering, offering unique containers that awakened deep wisdom within my soul.

The Journey to Khem course ignited my connection to ancient mystery school teachings and mentors such as Horus, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, the Sphinx and more. The course prepared me for the most magical experiences while I was on Priscilla’s retreat in Egypt. It’s as if my soul remembered the introduction that Priscilla had facilitated, and I was able to integrate the energy and connect with the gods and goddesses in a seamless fashion because of her thorough preparation.

I am immensely grateful for Priscilla’s guidance, wisdom and friendship, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a mentor, teacher and retreat facilitator. She has certainly blessed and enriched my life by reintroducing me to the ancient wisdom of my soul. 

~Michelle H. Arizona, USA

Going with Priscilla to the ancient lands of Khem was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I'll always cherish in my heart. It was a week full of magic, synchronicities and companionship that will live in me through the ages.

I've been to many retreats, where the teacher is not that close with the rest of the group, but Priscilla is different. She is a GREAT teacher and through the week, she also became a friend. I could talk to her on the ride to the Temples or while eating as a group, she's always willing to lend a hand and be of help to her students. The whole ride through the Nile was too beautiful! The views, the sunsets, stars and countryside, it was movie-like.

There were some surprises too! We had a couple of powerful healing sessions. Sessions where you could feel the presence of benevolent beings that came to help and lots of energy being moved. Her potent Crystals were present as well. Everyday she also drew cards to receive and share messages from our Guides.

The time at the Pyramids and at the Temples was life changing! It was very expansive and moving, you could feel all the history and the energies of the sacred space that would open their doors for you if you asked. I wish I could describe to you the feeling, but it's something you gotta live for yourself. All I can say is: WOW! Haha.

Overall it was a beautiful experience that left me full of Joy and with lots of Gratitude. The whole trip was very well planned, we even had time to shop for gifts and souvenirs. I'd HIGHLY recommend going on a trip with Priscilla! Open your heart and be ready for MAGIC to happen!

~Mareclo M. Monterrey, Mexico