Cosmic Conscious Reiki Certification

Welcome home ancient soul, your journey back to self begins right now...


Embark on a powerful odyssey through the ethereal tapestry of Reiki, a profound and potent energy modality.  Bestowed upon Earth in the early 1900s by the Arcturian Grand Master, Sanat Kumara, and channeled gracefully through the conduit of Master Mikao Usui.

At its essence, Reiki whispers the sacred incantations of the universal forces of Love & Light—an ancient birthright gifted to us by the Creator, only to be veiled in the enigmatic mists of amnesia that shroud our collective consciousness.

Picture yourself traversing the mystical footsteps of healing luminaries such as Yeshua, whose earthly ministry was adorned with the very essence of Reiki. Envision the ethereal presences of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, embodiments of healing mastery, unveiling the teachings woven by cosmic entities from the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians. Allow the energies of Reiki to unfurl its bountiful secrets, guiding you through the realms of celestial healing and awakening!

At the Temples of Atlantis, we weave in the teachings of the Galactics to bring greater connection to our higher selves and our potential to spread light among the planet.  Cosmic Conscious Reiki is your opportunity to get to know thyself through embracing your galactic origins. 


Explore the limitless potential of Cosmic Conscious Reiki as its galactic energy opens doorways to healing that transcend the ordinary, offering boundless possibilities to transform not only your life, but also the lives of those around you.

Embrace the extraordinary journey of Cosmic Conscious Reiki and unlock the secrets to a life infused with profound well-being and magical renewal, exclusively offered at the Temples of Atlantis!

Path of the Initiate: Levels I-III

The initial stage of the journey, where individuals are introduced to the foundational principles and energies of the practice. Our focus is on self-discovery, awareness, and initiation into the fundamental aspects of our innate cosmic healing system. 

  • Usui Reiki Foundation
  • Arcturian, Pleiadian & Sirian Teachings
  • Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Certification

The Practitioner's Journey: Levels IV-VI

Progressing beyond initiation, individuals deepen their understanding and hone practical skills, becoming active practitioners of the healing arts. Our focus becomes the application of techniques, refining abilities, and gaining deeper experience to create lasting knowledge. 

  • Seven Sisters, Centaurian & Orion Teachings
  • Karuna Reiki© Master Practitioner Certification
  • Atlantean Reiki Master Practitioner Certification 

The Walking Master: Levels VII-IX 

A stage of mastery where practitioners have achieved a high level of proficiency and often specialize in specific aspects of the practice. Here we focus on the mastery of advanced techniques, a deepened connection to the energies, and a profound understanding of the system. 

  • Polarian, Andromedan, Venusian & Lyran Teachings
  • Golden Atlantean Healing Practitioner Certification
  • Atlantean Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification


Immerse yourself in the magic of healing that transcends time and space, untangling the threads of past life traumas, dissolving the chains of karmic imprints, and guiding you towards a radiant state of balance.

Every class and course taught at the Temples of Atlantis Mystery School is designed to help you remember who you've always been.

  • We help AWAKEN the connection between you and your higher self allowing you to remember your innate gifts
  • We then help you HEAL from the inside out, releasing old, stored traumas and fears, wounds, imbalances and dis-ease both from this lifetime and previous ones
  • Through attunements and practical application we then ACTIVATE your being to shine your light unapologetically and brightly to bring greater peace, unity and enlightenment into our world

Each level along the way towards certification includes meditative activations, grounding & protection techniques, theory and history as well as practical application of Reiki techniques for yourself and those you serve.  

All students receive a manual and corresponding attunement for each level in addition to support both in between classes and along your Reiki path indefinitely.



Level I is a journey of self discovery as we are lead by the masters of Reiki themselves, the Arcturians along with the ancient wisdom of the Pleiadians.

Embark on a cosmic odyssey through our introductory course, where you'll awaken to the radiant power of your inner light. With each step, you'll cultivate a profound connection with your intuition, gaining the confidence to wield the mystical techniques that not only heal the tapestry of your life but also breathe life into the very fabric of your dreams, transforming them into tangible realities.

Upon receiving your first attunement, witness the alchemical dance of transformation unfold in your existence. Bid farewell to energies that no longer serve your higher purpose, watch as your ancient habits dissipate, and feel the magnetic pull towards elevated frequencies that usher in balance, luminosity, and well-being.

The sacred journey of a Level I Initiate is a symphony of clarity, lightness, grounding, and empowerment, paving the way for a life adorned with abundance in every facet. Step into the enchantment of your own evolution and let the magic of Cosmic Conscious Reiki illuminate your path.

Usui Reiki Teachings:

  • How to clear and prepare your space for harmony and protection using sacred geometry and plant medicine
  • The history and lineage of Reiki with the Arcturians
  • The Five Reiki Principles
  • Self-healing techniques
  • Introduction to the 7 Chakras
  • Level I attunement ceremony

Arcturian Teachings:

  • Spotlight on Ascended Master Sanat Kumara: Initializing Your Path to Mastery
  • Spotlight on Ascended Masters Yeshua & Mary Magdalene: Harmonizing the Divine Masculine & Feminine Within
  • Creating an Arcturian grid of light for protection
  • Mantra to cleanse your subconscious and re-pattern your thinking
  • The Arcturian Reiki Symbol for Love

Pleiadian Teachings:

  • Learning to ground, shield and align your frequencies through Pleiaidian techniques
  • Meeting your Pleiadian Guides



This Level II Initiate course creates enormous expansion both within you and your path, in addition to helping to create true change in our world.  

Begin to truly hone your light as you unravel the mystical art of distance Reiki—a sacred key unlocking the ability to weave healing energies across the tapestry of time and space. Delve deep into the very essence of Reiki, transforming yourself into a living, breathing ray of Light—a beacon that inspires and heals others with every step.

Within the sacred symbols lies the power to carve pathways for direct and focused healing, each sigil resonating with ancient wisdom. As you immerse yourself in this arcane knowledge, witness the exponential growth of your intuition, guided by the benevolent whispers of Spirit along your intricate healing path. Let the magic of these teachings illuminate your journey, as you become a conduit of divine Light, spreading healing and inspiration far beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

Usui Reiki Teachings:

  • Introduction to the three traditional Usui Reiki Symbols 
  • Learning the laying of hands to share Reiki with others
  • Level II attunement ceremony

Arcturian Teachings:

  • Working with Arcturian Reiki Grand Masters Sanat Kumara & Master Usui
  • Arcturian Silver Ray Healing Techniques

Pleiadian Teachings:

  • Review of Pleiadian grounding and protection techniques
  • Balancing your 7 Chakras with the Pleiadians
  • Spotlight on Ascended Master Mother Mary: Teachings of the Rose
  • Pleiadian Rose Healing Techniques



The Level III course unlocks the a deeper level of your intuitive gifts as you align to the Master frequency within.  

Within the mystical realms of Reiki, a true Master emerges as a living embodiment of the sacred five principles, resonating with their essence in every fibre of their being. As you unveil the depths of self-mastery, Reiki transcends the mere act of practice, intertwining seamlessly with your essence, reshaping and illuminating your existence in wondrous ways.

The journey to becoming a Usui Reiki Master is a profound covenant with this ancient healing art, where the sacred master symbols serve as keys, unlocking the boundless reservoirs of Reiki Energy within you.

Through this sacred initiation, you'll be bestowed with an array of advanced tools and techniques—each a shimmering gem in your cosmic arsenal—infusing your practice and your very essence with expansion and evolution. Prepare to embark upon a journey of inner alchemy, where the boundaries of your practice dissolve, and you emerge as a radiant beacon, radiating healing and transformation into the world.

Usui Reiki Teachings:

  • Reiki Code of Ethics
  • Usui Master Reiki Symbol
  • Utilizing the Violet Breath
  • Level III attunement ceremony

Arcturian Teachings:

  • Working within the Arcturian Temple of Tomar
  • The Arcturian Master Symbol for Harmony & Balance

Pleiadian Teachings:

  • Pleiadian Interdimensional Cone of Light
  • Pleiadian Interdimensional Chamber of Light 

Sirian Teachings:

  • Who are the Sirains?
  • Meeting Your Sirian Guide
  • Chakra Balancing with Sirian Blue Orbs 
  • Spotlight on Ascended Master Green Tara: Crafting Your Abundance
  • Spotlight on Ascended Master Isis: The Magick Within
  • Sirian Blue Ray Healing
Level IV-VI: The Practitioner's Journey >>>

Ready to Apply?

Each year the Temples of Atlantis accepts a limited amount of students to be a part of the Cosmic Conscious Reiki Certification to ensure a great environment for optimal learning and growth!

Are you ready to know your multidimensional self? 

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2024/25 Weekend Intensive  Training Dates

Initiate's Path:

  • Opening Ceremony & Level I Initiation-June 22/23
  • Level II-October 26/27
  • Level III-February 1/2
  • Closing Ceremony & Graduation May 24/25*

Additional Training & Meet Ups*:

August 24, September 14 or 21, November 23, December 21, January 25, March-May TBA

*Dates subject to change


Student Experiences...

Following the training, I was sooo blissed out for days and I am feeling some beautiful shifts coming in my life. There has definitely been an even greater reclamation of my power!

I have created a powerful daily practice using what I learned, AND I am already brainstorming how to integrate into my work!

So grateful to you and for your wisdom!

~Meaghan A. Kelowna, Canada

Priscilla, Queen Atlanta, is one of the most kind, caring and loving teachers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her knowledge is so vast it truly comes from lifetimes of knowledge and experience well beyond this physical reality. I had no idea what I was signing up for when I decided it was time to learn Reiki and go down this path, all I knew was I needed more than just a text book class. Priscilla fit all the check boxes, her class is truly multidimensional.

I have found connections with people that feel and think similar to me and that’s something money can’t buy. I am also able to transition from my 9-5 into a more spiritual career that fills my heart and brings me joy daily. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I couldn’t be more grateful that I took this leap when I had no idea wtf I was doing, my direction and focus couldn’t be clearer.

With Love and Gratitude

~Heidi Lynn Banff, Canada



When I first signed up for Cosmic Conscious Reiki I had no idea what I was getting into.  While I knew of Reiki and the bare minimum of The Galactic Families we were going to learn about (The Pleiadians, The Arcturians & The Sirians), I didn't realize how much I needed the Inner Work that Priscilla was teaching about.
This journey with Priscilla and my CCR classmates is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  
Priscilla is by far one of the best instructors I have ever had the honour to learn from.  Her patience with those of us who were less knowledgeable and the ease with which she teaches about Reiki and The Galactic Families helps to keep the initiate interested and the classes lighthearted.
I highly recommend CCR Levels 1-3 to anyone who is looking to expand their horizons, find the spark within or meet a new community of like minded individuals.
In gratitude,
~Karen H. Sherwood Park, Canada


As I reflect back on my journey of the last 9 months in the Cosmic Conscious Reiki program, I am in awe at how much I have learned, how much I have shifted, and how much I have evolved.This program is massive in terms of how much of an opportunity there is to shift on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Priscilla has brought forward Ancient knowledge through incredible, Ancient Guides who are here and working with Humanity as we shift from one Age to another. Unique knowledge is what is needed during these times on Earth. Cosmic Conscious Reiki holds this in spades. 

We have incredible Allies who exist in the Cosmos and on Mother Earth. In Cosmic Conscious Reiki, I learned how to connect and honour the wisdom from all beings and elementals by learning about both traditional Usui Reiki and Priscilla’s Cosmic Conscious Reiki. Marrying and blending the two together in my own unique way has been an initiation journey in its own right. 

I am grateful to Priscilla and the way in which she teaches. She shares her knowledge, while always emphasizing the importance of following our Hearts in the way that we practice and implement this knowledge. She understands that each of us are unique, and that these times that we are in call for us to offer our gifts in the special way that our Heart is calling to us. Not in a uniformed way - this is old energy and no longer has any place in our world. This way of teaching was incredibly important for me, and I feel that I grew and flourished under this approach. 

I cannot recommend this program enough. Priscilla is an impeccable channel who allows the information to flow through from the stars, the Galactics, Mother Earth, and land in the Hearts of her students. 

I hadbeen waiting for a while for a Reiki teacher and program to appear who I felt an immediate resonance with. I am glad that I waited. This has been life changing and I look forward to being of service through practicing these teachings. 

~Kate S, Canada

Usui Reiki Master, Cosmic Conscious Reiki Initiate


Your Instructor:

Priscilla Campos @theatlanteanpriestess 


Priscilla is an ancient soul with strong ties to Atlantis, Egypt & Greece where she has served as a High Priestess of Healing, Truth, and Oracular Vision time and time again.

Her love of ancient civilizations; their wisdoms and magicks, has opened the gateway to understand the bridge between them and the great Star Nations of our Universe. Together these frequencies marry within her through her signature Atlantean Akashic Activations and the creation of Cosmic Conscious Reiki.

One of Priscilla's biggest missions and goals, is to heal the trauma from the great fall of Atlantis and once again bring forth the immense love, wisdom and golden light of this beloved era and civilization.


An Atlantean saying that helps us remember: everything sacred is blessed, everything blessed is sacred.

May we all walk the path we were born to fearlessly and without limitations.

Course bonuses include:

  • 1 Year Membership within the Galactic Temples of Light so you can align to the frequencies of the Star Nations we learn about valued at $888 usd
  • Monthly online meet ups to connect, share, practice and further your knowledge
  • One 30 minute Galactic Starseed Reading valued at $188 usd
  • One 60 minute Atlantean Akashic Activation valued at $333 usd
  • *Pay in Full Bonus*  60 minute Golden Atlantean Healing valued at $444 usd

Regular Pricing

Register after June 1st:

$3444 usd pay in full with special 1:1 Bonus

or $333/month for 12 months 

Scholarship Pricing

For those in financial need, apply for a scholarship to offset the full price of the course:

$2333 usd for the year with 12 monthly payments of $195 usd

Email [email protected] to apply

I cannot fully express into words what an incredibly talented teacher Priscilla is.

Priscila is able to hold space for everyone, no matter how experienced they are with energy healing. She takes the time to fully understand and work with each individual with any questions or concerns they may have.

Priscilla’s teaching style is amazing. She teaches us the fundamentals of Usui Traditional Reiki, and is eager to bring to the table her knowledge of cosmic conscious healing techniques.

She allows space for expansion of our own integration of techniques as they apply to each
individual, which is profound with energy healing as each student can have different approaches
for doing this work.

Cosmic Conscious Reiki Course:
I Highly Recommend!! The Cosmic Conscious Reiki Course is an excellent course for anybody called to learn more about the healing techniques that are used by star races, and star beings.

While combining traditional Usui Reiki, this course goes back to the origins of energy healing that was brought to this planet from Star Races.

This course has a lot of content! In Cosmic Conscious Reiki you are able to learn about Arcturian, Pleaidian, and The Sirians healing techniques.

I have learned so many more techniques that I have incorporated into my business to help my
clients on many more levels.

An absolutely amazing experience working with Priscilla, my Reiki family, and these wonderful

With Light and Love;
Kevin Pokoyoway, CECP, CBCP, Usui Reiki Master, Cosmic Conscious Reiki Initiate
Ascension Energy Healing

Ready to Apply?

Each year the Temples of Atlantis accepts a limited amount of students to be a part of the Cosmic Conscious Reiki Certification to ensure a great environment for optimal learning and growth!

Are you ready to know your multidimensional self? 

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