Atlantean Akashic Activations


Welcome to this multidimensional energetic session that accesses your Akashic Records both on Earth and throughout your Galactic History!


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By calling on the great Atlantean & Egyptian Sphinxes of Earth, together you and I will explore your ancient soul's wisdom, mission and guidance for you at this time.

Utilizing the sacred gifts of Queen Atlanta, each 60 minute session is a journey of the soul and may include:


 A journey into your soul's Akashic Records to:

-define your life purpose & soul's mission

-explore your parallel & past life times

-reveal your Galactic Star origins

-unveil your soul mates

-refine your business ventures

-reconnect you to your sacred tools, courses and modalities that would highlight your gifts and abilities


Atlantean Healing Frequencies including:

-chakra clearings

-cord cuttings

-elemental balancing

-toning & sound therapy

-crystal activations

In addition to:

-Oracle or Tarot Card Pulls to recap the main message

-Birthdate Numerology so you know yourself that much better

-any other intuitive shares

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It’s about the journey back to your ancient self!

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