Green Tara & The Archangels of Atlantis

Welcome to this transformative journey that transcends the ordinary realm of prosperity and abundance as it is known in the material 3D world. 

In this metaphysical exploration, we will delve into the mystical aspects of consciousness and energy, unlocking the secrets to manifesting wealth in alignment with the ancient practices of Green Tara and the powerful Angels of Atlantis.

Throughout this course, we will embark on a spiritual awakening of the true interconnectedness of mind, spirit, and the reality you are creating through:

  • Learning to work with Green Tara and 7 of her most powerful emanations
  • Becoming open channels of communication with 7 of the incredible Angels of Atlantis who are eager to assist you on your path to abundance
  • Aligning your chakras for absolute abundance and understanding how these energy centres within you can harmonize your life, leading to prosperity and spiritual growth
  • Harnessing the power of gratitude and the 369 Method as a Cosmic Gateway that opens doors to miracles and blessings beyond imagination
  • Tapping into universal energies and consciousness with the Sirian Star Nation that help to govern the flow of abundance, freedom, prosperity, and opportunity
  • Learning to surrender your fears while embracing patience and trust as you manifest your dreams and desires in perfect harmony with the universe
  • Activating the prosperity codes within your ancient being and integrating other life times of wealth and joy into your current incarnation

What People Are Saying:

I just got a call to say I have gotten the temp job at Harrods and I start next Monday! For the interview I had practiced the Blue, Red and Yellow Tara mantras beforehand! It was meant to just be a 3 week contract as they are recruiting for a permanent person. However, they've decided it's now a minimum of 12 weeks, with a review following as to whether I go permanent or leave. Bonus! Thank you Green Tara! Vicki W England

Another gift from Tara! I had a box of statues gifted to me by a friend from years ago and I just realized it was Black Tara! Thank you Priscilla for bringing these programs forward so we can continue to remember and evolve! Karia D. Crystal Keeper, Healer, Reiki Master Teacher Texas, USA

A year ago I started playing the Green Tara chant in my morning routine after my second plant medicine retreat. I was working with her alone when I saw that Queen Atlanta was offering this special class. It felt so aligned and I knew I was ready to learn about all these other Tara's! I feel they have opened me up for more inner healing and internal peace. They also go hand in hand with the Cosmic Conscious Reiki we are studying! I look forward to going through the lessons again as I know my abundance is here and coming in quickly! Thank you Queen Atlanta! Reina L Cosmic Conscious Reiki Practitioner & Dance Instructor USA

I felt I needed to share about some really exciting things happening way up here in the Northern part of this country... My first week teaching yoga was amazing. I already booked returns for the fall AND I've also been asked to present at a National Addictions Week conference. I ended up staying at a rooming house, with a Doctor and she had her first, second, third and maybe more spiritual experience! In fact, I believe her life will never be the same. She told me I brought the Angels with me! Also, they asked to purchase my Tibetan bowls for an incredible price, far more than what I paid for them, so that I don't have to haul them back and forth anymore. This is my dream, to work in the North! Thank you Priscilla, I feel like you helped me open up this doorway. Nicky L. Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Sound Therapist Ontario, Canada

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