Journey Through Khem Masterclass Series

Join The Temples of Atlantis for a 3 Part Series to Awaken, Heal & Activate!

Part I: Journey to Khem Masterclass

Part II: Enter the Heart of the Sphinx Masterclass

Part III: Khemetic Remembrance Masterclass


What People Are Saying About This Series:

I did the meditation again this morning and received a third eye activation. I finally got the answers about my birth place and was told I have rare, pure Atlantean genes. It was so profound for me, I felt connected from the beginning of the masterclass. It was the most amazing experience.

I want to thank you sincerely for that beautiful masterclass and guided meditation. I believe it helped both my partner and I gain a deeper understanding of the release work we've been doing lately-not just for this lifetime but for many we've shared before.

The first two classes in the Journey Through Khem have already been highly transformative. So much purging and shedding, but held in love throughout by Queen Atlanta. I feel so deeply peaceful, inside and all around me knowing I survived such a potent storm. I feel I have just received a coronation for the path I have walked.

Being lead by Queen Atlanta back to my sacred self and highest form has been incredibly life changing. Every dream I have is an activated remembering of who I truly am. The initiation that started in the first class has already created massive transformations in my life, I can't wait to see what shifts as I prepare to go to Egypt with this Atlantean Queen.

$123.00 USD